Stewpid  not very clever
Stiddy  firm, stable, e.g. ‘stiddy on ulse yawl spillit’
St'n  pebble or small piece of rock
St’ng  to be bitten by an insect,
e.g. ‘blusted worsp st’ng me on the backer me leg’
Street  Church Street in Gamlingay, e.g. ‘yer Dad’s gorn down the street’
Stroll about  exclamation of mild surprise, e.g. 'wull, stroll about!'
Stuff  any market garden produce, e.g. ‘stuff aint sullin’
Sulf one’s own identity, e.g. ‘om sulf-imployed’
Sull  exchange for money
Sullerd  dish of cooked or raw vegetables and other ingredients usually served cold
Sullery  vegetable plant with blanched stem
Sully  female Christian name
Sullybrate  to mark an occasion or event with festivities and rejoicing
Swoller  migrant bird of summer
Swultrin hot weather
Symmetry burial ground

Tambreen  a percussion instrument
Tar  a rubber ring with an inner inflatable tube, placed over the rim of a wheel on a vehicle or bicycle
Tarred  worn out or sleepy, e.g. ‘Doctor Johnson reckoned when a man’s tarred o’ London, ease tarred o’ life’
Tawft  a village in Cambridgeshire
Termurrer  the day after today
Tewantwenny  the number 22
Tewber  large brass instrument
Tew-fake  an aching pain in or near a tooth
Tewn  a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence, e.g. ‘the mewn in Jewn’s a nice tewn’
Tewsdee  the day after Monday
The  they, e.g. ‘dunno weir the are'
Them spouse or spouse's family, e.g.
'Jen an them are coming round Satdee'
Theyar  there; in or at that place, e.g. ‘I pud it oover theyar’
Threw  from beginning to end, e.g. ‘bin right threw the Chroniggle and aint found nayink to read yit’
Thus  that is, e.g. ‘thus it iggzaackly!’ 
Thut  that e.g. ‘is thut wotcher fink?’
Tibbles  the surname Theobalds
Tidy  a large amount or sum, e.g. ‘tidy mess yaw made’
T’m  indoors, at home
Tool  idiot; dimwit
Tore-lit  lavatory
Traffulgger  battle between English and French fleets in 1805
Tret past tense of treat
Trew  factually correct
Trewth  veracity, e.g. ‘Om tulling yer the trewth’
Tud-dar  farewell
Tudor-lew a 16th century toilet; a farewell
Tull  inform, relate
Tullent  ability, skill, aptitude
Tully  to correspond or agree
Tullygraaf  national daily newspaper
Tullyphone  instrument for transmitting speech
Tunnermunny description of immense wealth, e.g. 'Ease godder tunnermunny'
Twulve  a dozen

Ulba  a Mediterranean island; joint between fore and upper arms, e.g. ‘yew dunno yerrarse from yer ulba’
Ulben  the surname Albone
Ulbert  male Christian name
Ulfrid  male Christian name 'I like them films be Ulfrid Ditchcock'
Ull  the nether world; Hades
Ullen  a male and a female Christian name, as well as a surname
Uller  female Christian name
Ullerf’nt  large pachyderm; clumsy person, e.g. ‘yaw liker clumsy gret ullerf’nt’
Ullerg’nt  refined, tasteful
Ullerqu’nt  expressing oneself in clear and fluent speech, e.g. ‘easern ullerqu’nt liddle bleeder, enny?’
Ullick male Christian name
Ullimentry  fundamental, basic
Ulliss  female Christian name; also the surname 'Ellis'
Ulligzarnder  male Christian name, e.g. ‘Ulligzarnder the Grade were enny a liddle chap’
Ullycobder  flying machine
Ullygayder  large reptile, e.g. 'see yer laid her, ullygayder!'
Ulm  species of tree, e.g. ‘we lorst orler ulms threw Dutch Ulm d’sease’
Ulse  besides, in addition, e.g. ‘wod ulse dew yer warnt?’
Ulsie female Christian name
Ulterslee  a village in Cambridgeshire
Unstaanton  holiday resort in north Norfolk
Umbruller  collapsible, circular canopy mounted on a central pole
Untind’n town in Cambridgeshire
Unyen  vegetable plant with pungent rounded edible bulb, e.g. ‘unyens gorn wollop!’
Unyewze-you-wall out of the ordinary, unexpected
Us oneself, e.g. give us a fag, mole duck’
Utson the surname Hutchinson

Vaarlin  stringed musical instrument
Varlet  springtime flower, e.g. ‘ee aint iggzaactly a shrinkin varlet’
Varl’nt characterised by force or bloodshed

Vocab-yew-lairey  all the words of a language, e.g. ‘Om godder wide wossname... vocabyewlairey, thus it’
Vullike  in all probability, e.g. ‘year, vullike I shull’
Vullyew  monetary or material worth
Vulvit  smooth material, e.g. ‘Lizb'ff Taylor were in thut film ‘Blew Vulvit’

Waagtaal  a small black and white bird
Waarliss  the radio, e.g. ‘we allwus listen tew 'Jisterminnit' on the waarliss’
Waahzlee  small Cambridgeshire village
Wad  what, e.g. ‘wad are yew tew dewin in thut tullyphone box?’
Waddever  intensive form of what
Waddo  a greeting (informal)
Wahl  a period of time
Warder clear, colourless, odorless and tasteless liquid, e.g. ‘I like warder - jist so l’ng azzit’s got a bidder whisky in it’
Warder-lew  London railway terminus
Warn  desire or like, e.g. 'jew warn a cupperetea?'
Warncher  require you, e.g. ‘warncher t’aarrer thut bidder ground om jist row-der-vaded’
Warnt  was not, e.g. ‘thut warnt me wot dunnit’
Warnts  needs, e.g. ‘thut warnts twenny minutes to free a clock’
Was were you, e.g. ‘oh, was?’
Wawer a major conflict, e.g. ‘me graandaad fort in the fust world wawer’
Weakertew  up to a fortnight
Weir  we are
Weir  where, e.g. ‘weir didder leave me wullertons?’
Wessmedderbaanks  area of
meadow south of Gamlingay brook and west of Potton road.
Wevver meteorological conditions
Willer  might one?, e.g. ‘willer or wunner?’
Willer  species of tree
Wimmy literally 'with my', e,g. 'I wen orf wimmy trowsers round me yankles'
Wollop  a sudden crash in the price of market garden produce; or to hit, e.g. ‘doan jist stand theyar, wollop ’im!’
Wolnut  a type of edible nut
Woman  wife
Woostened  idiot, e.g. ‘yew woostened yew!’
Wop me  a greeting (informal), e.g. ‘wop me, Jimmy!’
Wore was, e.g. ‘wore it thut l’ng agoo?’
Wornid  required, needed, e.g. ‘fied wornid tew, I wooder dun’
Worsp  an insect
Woss  what is, e.g. ‘woss the time?’
Wossname  unspecified object, behaviour or attitude, e.g. ‘yew carn wossname canyer?’
Wossup is anything amiss?
Wulks  edible shellfish
Wull  satisfactory; in good health, e.g. ‘saul very wull, budder warnt wull’
Wullerton  waterproof rubber boot
Wulls  small port on the north Norfolk coast
Wullwullwull  exclamation of mild surprise
Wunt  refuse to do something, e.g. ‘ee wunt dew watcher tullim’
Wuss  more inferior, less good, e.g. ‘yaw wuss than nayinker tall, man’
Wuth  value, or deserving of, e.g. ‘thus ardly wuth sendin stuff t’markit’

Yaw  you are
Yawlright  a greeting (informal)
Yawn  belonging to you, e.g. ‘thut aint marn, thus yawn’
Year  affirmation, e.g. ‘year, specked so’
Yew  you
Yewce  capable of being used, e.g. ‘yaw nyver yewce nor ornam’nt’
Yewkerlaylee  a small stringed instrument
Yew-neek  the only one of its kind
Yew-nigh-tid  combined; being in harmony, e.g. 'few listen to tew them common taters, when Newcarssel Yew-nigh-tid play Manchister Yew-nigh-tid, there's enny one Yew-nigh-tid playin, an thut aint Newcarssel'
Yewnyen  combination of workers Yewnyen Jaack national flag, often hung by the vulgar outside their own homes
Yewneyversity  an institution for higher learning
Yewrup  a continent
Yewster was previously
Yewtar  state in the USA
Yewtewb video streaming website
Yewth  young person
Yewze-you-wall normal, as expected
Yiss affirmative
Yisty  the day before today
Yit  at a future time; despite, e.g. ‘en add time ter dew it yit, woman’
Yitterwaahl any time soon, e.g. 'Doan specked the bus'll come yitterwaahl'
Y’ng  immature, youthful
Yull  a loud cry or shout, e.g. ‘yew doan etter yull in me year’
Yuller  a colour
Yuller-rammer wild bird, a type of bunting; see 'Scribblin Lark'

Zaarlerphone  a percussion instrument
Zew  a collection of animals
Zewkeenee type of baby marrow, e.g.
'I tull yew I doan warner zewkeenee, I warner cawjit'
Zullot  a fanatic, e.g. ‘nayink wuss than a plittickle zullot baangin on yer door when there’s a kneeleckshun’