Nod  in no way, e.g. ‘nod if I c’n nellpit’
Node-iss  advertisement, e.g. ‘sorer node-iss in the co-awp’
Nully  female Christian name
Nuss a carer of the sick, e.g. 'yewce ter be fritter Nuss Pepper when I wore y'ng'

Oba  woodwind instrument
Ockerd  see Orkerd
Of Goddit!  I understand
Oh  an implement with a metal blade on the end of a long wooden handle, used to eradicate weeds
Oll  in existence for many years, e.g. ‘enny godden oll payer of trowziz’
Oller  to shout; having a space within
Ollywood  East Lane, the Cinques
Olt  a town in north Norfolk, e.g. ‘Olt - ’oo goos there?’
Om I have or I am, e.g. ‘Om a-cummen, mole bewdy’
Omlit  beaten eggs cooked in fat
On  of, e.g. ‘some on em ev, some on em hevvent’
’oof  uncoordinated person, e.g. ‘yew clumsy gret ‘oof!’
’oogey  in a bad mood, e.g. ‘say nayink, ease ’oogey!’
’ook  species of tree; curved piece of metal for hanging things from, e.g. ‘take yer ook!’
Oover  finished
Oppin On growing quickly, e.g. 'them cawjits are oppin on'
Ordergraaf a person's signature, esp one considered to be a collector's item
Orff  to go away; also a German composer, e.g. ‘om gorn orff Orff’s ‘Calm in a Bew-rarner’’
Orkerd  upset or angry; difficult to handle or manage, e.g. ‘Yaw jist being orkerd fer the saker being orkerd’
Orphan  frequently
Orphan On intermittently
Orse spittle  institution for the care of the sick
Orsetrailyer  continent between the Indian and Pacific oceans
Orstria  central European country

Paarer dice  heaven; nirvana
Pagger Knee-knee  Italian violinist and composer
Parky-staaan  country in the sub-continent
Parl  to put into a heap
Parls  hemorrhoids, e.g. 'carn siddown, me parls are givin me gyp'
Parlit  a person who flies an aeroplane
Parlour  lots of, e.g. ‘ease godder parlour money’
Paatch  not worthy of comparison, e.g. ‘Podden ainer paatch on Gamgy’
Payer  two of anything, e.g. ‘Om god free kings anner payer o’ dewces’
Pee-anna  keyboard instrument
Peeda  a male Christian name
Peedaburrer  cathedral city in north west Cambridgeshire
Penshner  someone in receipt of an old age allowance
Pewcheenee  Italian operatic composer
Phoney  an expression of regret, e.g. ‘phoney I ent got married I’d be wull orff now’
Pillar  a type of cushion for the head
P’kewlyer  odd, strange
Plan-t  seedling, e.g. ‘bin plarntin plan-ts all day l’ng’
Plittickle  of or involving poltics, e.g ‘carn stick them partly plittickle broadcaasts’
Podden  small Bedfordshire market town; see Paatch above
Pollerticians  people elected to run local or national government, e.g. ‘we ainters stewpid as pollerticians fink, although sumdy muster voded Libral Demmercraat’
Poplar well-liked
Praarl (prial - from pair-royal) Three of a kind in cards, e.g. 'a praarl 'o freeze'
Praises-er-sake  an invocation or warning, e.g. ‘praises-er-sake be caarful, man!’
Priddy  good-looking, attractive
Proggle  to wriggle out or poke, e.g. ‘proggled the drain wivver stick’
P’tickly  to a distictly greater extent
Pud  to place in a specific location, e.g. ‘weir didder pud the Daily Tullygraaf?'
Pulliss  a well-maintained dwelling
Pullisstreener  Italian Renaissance composer
Pullyken  species of bird with a long beak
Push-oh  agricultural implement with adjustable blades and one or two wheels that can be pushed by means of handles; used for hoeing market garden crops

Quaart not noisy; peaceful
Quickside  the Cinques crossroads
Quollidy  high standard of excellence

Kew brute  a number that when multiplied three times equals a given number
Kibble  halt or limp, e.g. ‘twisted me yankle, so I c’n enny kibble about’
Kneeleckshun  a vote to select the winner of a position or political office
Kneemail electronic communication from one computer to another, e.g. ‘send us a kneemail’

Larm  a warning of danger
Larn  large predatory cat from India and Africa
Lastick  stretchy; a rubber band
Lecktrick  a form of energy, e.g. ‘weir godder lectrick warder eater’
Levven  number after ten
Lewd Tenant  a rank in the services
Lewssen  to untie or make less tight
Lewt stringed instrument
Lewton  town in Bedfordshire, formerly the centre of the straw hat trade
Lewz  to be unsuccessful in a contest; to mislay something, e.g. ‘yawd lewz yer ed if it warnt screewed on’
Liddle  a small amount or thing, e.g. ‘thus a priddy liddle d’g’
L’ng  extending beyond an average or standard
L’ng Taaled Tit  a small bird
Lorst  failed to win; unable to be found, e.g. ‘Gamgy lorst tew Ulmden on pennaltiz’
Lotm’nt small rented piece of cultivated land
Lotree  national sweepstake
Lowisstawft  seaside resort in Suffolk

Maaassey  a tractor
Mad  lit. ‘I have had’, e.g. ‘mad enougher yew’
Manchister  city in the north west of England
Marl  a measure of distance
Marled moderate; not extreme, e.g. ‘gizzer marled an bidder’
Marls  beyond a comfortable walking distance
Marn  belonging to me
Medder  an area of enclosed grassland
Meddysin  treatment to alleviate or prevent symptoms of disease
Merry kin  from North America
Mewn  eighteenth century folly near Drove Road; in a listless manner, e.g. ‘yew gonner mewn about all day l’ng?’
Mewzick  artform consisting of the arrangement of sounds in time
Mick-annick  someone skilled in maintaining and repairing machinery
Minks  the surname Meeks
M'man  title, often used when addressing a young boy, e.g. 'football's orler bout momentum m'man'
Mole bewdy  term of endearment
Mole duck  term of endearment, e.g. ‘wossup mole duck?’
Money one is merely, e.g. 'money ear fer the beer'
More-gidge  a loan, usually for a house, repayable over a long term of years, e.g. ‘this ear more-gidge’ll never be paid orff’  
More-ren  a water bird
Morph  one is leaving
Mow-der  a vehicle, or a vehicle’s engine
Mowed-zaart  Austrian composer, e.g. ‘weir jist bought summer them chocklit Mowed-zaart balls’
Mulb’n  a large Cambridgeshire village; city in Australia
Muller  easy-going; soft; gentle
Mullerdrama  a play or film with extravagent emotion and action
Mullerdy  a tune
Mullis  evil intent
Mult  become liquified by heat, e.g. 'snuffter mult yer innear'
Mussen grumble  standard reply to the question ‘our yew?’
Muster  employer, usually a farmer
Musterdun  ought to, should have, or probably did, e.g. ‘I never brook it, so yew musterdun’

Ns poultry
Nashnullelf the National Health Service
Nashnullidy the status of belonging to a particular nation
Nayfen  male Christian name
Nayink  something that has no existence, e.g. ‘thus nayink ter dew with me’
N’bdee  no-one; an insignificant person
Nemmind  an expression of (often feigned) concern or condolence, e.g. 'still, nemmind day?'
’nkle  mother or father’s brother, or the husband of an aunt; also a greeting, e.g. ‘Eye up, ‘nkle’