Cullibray  a type of broccoli with blue-green flower buds
Culkyewlaider  small electronic computing device
Cullyfornyer  famous holiday resort on the Norfolk coast
Cump-knee  business organisation
Customer  a wag, e.g. ‘ease a customer, ainee?’

Dartmoor North Lane, the Cinques
Dead as a nit used to describe something that has died, e.g., 'this injun's as dead as a nit'
Dear-oh-pray  a heartfelt lament, e.g. ‘dear-oh-pray, man, is thut the best chew can dew?’
De Bewcy  French composer
Deck-rating  refurbishing a home
Dew  to perform deed or action
Dewks  clenched fists, e.g. ‘putcher dewks up!’
Dewplick’t  an exact copy
D’g  domesticated animal
Did?  expression of surprise, e.g. ‘oh did?’
Died upright  a reaction to a huge surprise, e.g. 'Wull I nearly died upright'
Dincher  question, often rhetorical, e.g. ‘yew see us, dincher?’
Dinner  question, often rhetorical, e.g.
I ad me dinner, dinner?’
Dint  failure to perform an action, e.g.
‘we dint goo in the end’
Divullup to evolve, grow or elaboarate
D’nky  an ass, e.g. ‘thut osser yawns a d’nky’
D'nky aaarland Gamlingay Heath
Door-ter  one’s female offspring
Driiiy  lacking water, e.g. 'th'oll ground's ser driiiy'
Driv Past tense of to drive, e.g. 'we driv to the sewpermaarkit yisty'
Dullickit  easily broken or damaged, e.g. ‘feelin a bit dullickit arter larss night’
Dulligate  to transfer power to someone
Dully City in India
Dutt’rend  the eastern end of Gamlingay village
Dulve  to search deeply

Eddake a pain in the head, e.g. 'weirs them eddake tablitts when yer warn em?'
Edge-yew-cayshun  schooling, learning
Eevanjullickle  marked by an ardent or zealous enthusiasm for a cause, e.g. ‘one o’them eevanjullickles come round an warnid t’chank about the Booker Dewderonomy fer free ours’
Eftew  must
Emsby  Norfolk holiday resort
Ennus poultry shed
Enny being the only one, e.g. ‘om enny godder quid’
Erdy-gerdy  medieval stringed instrument
Ev  to be in possession of, e.g. ‘waddle yer ev?’
Ew  which or what person?, e.g. ‘ew the uller yew?’
Eye up  a greeting (informal), e.g. ‘eye up, mole duck!’
Ezzertate  delay, e.g. 'ee 'oo ezzertates is lorst'

Fairy nuff  an equitable statement or solution
Far  a conflagration, e.g. ‘cummen sidderside the far’
Far Injun  a large truck that carries firemen and equipment to the site of a fire
Farmer-Suit-Tickles  drugs or medicines
Far work  pyrotechnic device
Febrewairey  second month of the year
Fenks  an expression of gratitude
Fergit  unable to remember, e.g. ‘I fergit when it wore’
Fink  to reflect or ponder
First  a longing for liquid refreshment
F’k people or villagers, usually specific to a place, e.g. ‘Graansd’n f’k are p’kewlyer’
Flarn  moving through the air
Flew  influenza
Flewent  able to write and speak well in a foreign language
Flewt  woodwind instrument
Flossifee  any set of ideas or beliefs ending in ‘ism’
Flossiffer  one who follows an idea or belief that ends in ‘ism’, e.g. ‘Play Dough were a Greek flossiffer’
For-chewn more than £1
Forty fits  Potential reaction to a piece of unexpected news, e.g. 'Iffy did, I'd ev forty fits!'
Frayed knot  unfortunately, no
Froat anterior portion of the neck, e.g. 'Om godder saw froat'
Fust the number one; foremost, e.g. 'Thus the fust o'Jewn terday'

Bonfar  a large pile or heap of combustible materials
Bore  young man, e.g. ‘chuckus the Chroniggle, bore, warner light the far’
Bra  prickly bush, esp. the wild rose
Braarms  German romantic composer
Braarn  male Christian name
Brock  style of art, music and architecture popular in the eighteenth century
Brook  out of funds; not working, e.g. ‘wunt goo coz it’s brook’
B’sewn large woodwind instrument
Buddercup  meadow plant with yellow flowers
Bugger mar rags  an oath
Bul-alike-her  triangular stringed instrument from Russia
Bulch  to release wind from stomach via the mouth
Buljum  European country
Bulkernee  platform projecting from a building usually surrounded by railings or a parapet, e.g. ‘jew see the Queen on her bulkernee at Bucknem pulliss?’
Bul’lence  equilibrium
Bult  to strike hard
Bulter  enthusiastic description, often regarding size, e.g. ‘thut marrer’s a bulter’
Bust  punctured, e.g. ‘the tar’s bust’
Buthdee  anniversary of one’s birth

Caaafy  restaurant where food is served at a counter
Caarful  attentive to danger; mean with money
Call  say, e.g. ‘I call, yew are a tool’
Canner  may one?, e.g. ‘canner evver canner beans?’
Carncher  are you unable?
Carl  Kyle, a male Christian name
Car-pit  a type of floor covering, e.g. ‘weir godder car-pit in the tore-lit'
Cawjit  type of baby marrow. e.g. ‘yew dunno a cawjit from a zewkeenee’
Cawst  price, e.g. ‘thut’ll cawst a tunner money’
Chank  talk, gossip or chat, e.g. ‘specked she’s bin chanking t’Sully agin’
Charf-inch  small garden bird
Chawk-tup  a singular action that should be made more widely known, e.g. 'thut order be chawk-tup!'
Cheer  a seat, e.g. 'pull upper cheer'
Chimble to break something into small pieces; to crumble
Chinks name given by Potton people to The Cinques prior to the Second World War
Chinkite someone from The Cinques
Chocklit  a sweetmeat made using roasted ground cacao beans, e.g. ‘me wife likes thut French film ‘Chocklit’
Chroniggle  the Biggleswade Chronicle, a local weekly paper, e.g. ‘there’s nayink wuth readin in the Chroniggle agin’
Chuller  large stringed musical instrument
Chullinge  invite to take part in a contest, e.g. ‘We allwus watch Yewneyversity Chullinge on tully’
Chullis  a cup or goblet
Chulp  to talk back or argue
Chulsy  expensively-assembled football team in west London, e.g. ‘Chulsy’s cawst thut Abraaammervitch a bobbertew
Cinder kit  a number of people joined together to undertake a specific enterprise
Claacton  holiday destination in Essex
Claarnt business term for a customer
Clanker  of a size worthy of admiration, e.g. ‘thut pike I cort wore a clanker’
Claw  rush or hurry, e.g. ‘yew doan efter to claw about woman, the bus ain’t gooin till twenny arter free’
Clawth  piece of fabric or material
Clew  hint, e.g. ‘dunno - yaw letter gizzer clew’
Collchister  garrison town in Essex
Come yew ear  an order to advance towards the speaker, e.g. ‘come yew ear this instant!’
Compewder  data-processing electronic device
Cord I say!, e.g. ‘cord, thut were a l’ng, l’ng while agoo!’
Crawss  angry, upset
Crawss, The,  Gamlingay crossroads
Crews  holiday taken on board a ship, e.g. ‘weir gooin onner Meddytrainyin crews’
Cullender  a receptacle with holes in for drainage, used in the kitchen; also a table showing the days, weeks and months of a specific year
Cangerew A large marsupial, e.g. 'godder lodder cangerews in Orsetrailyer'
Culler  appearance of objects in terms of one’s perception of their hue, brightness and saturation, e.g. ‘thusser muller yuller culler’